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I began doing transfers a few weeks ago, and actually have three questions, but I'll start with the following:

There is a neat Japanese Paper store in my city (Montreal), and I am wondering whether anyone has tried transferring to Japanese paper, and if so, which type specifically?

The problem I am having is that in the particularly fiberous types liftoff is common. Other papers are so tenuous that they actually lift into the negative itself.

Is there some trick of dealing with particularly fiberous papers? If I wet them too much, the image become kind of indistinct or blurry....

Thanks in advance for any help....


-- charles shahar (, February 20, 1999


Response to Has anyone tried image transfers on Japanese Paper?

There is also a store in Toronto called the Japanese Paper Place (416) 703-0089. They sponsor workshops, and one of them is given by a photographer named Diana Anna Last. Most of her transfer work is done onto various types of Japanese paper. I know I have seen her work somewhere, I think it is in the online exhibition at In one of those strange coincidence/conjunctions, I saw her work on the wall at the Japanese Paper Place, and the next day discovered it on the WEB.

-- Tina Martin (, March 06, 1999.

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