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I like what I see in ImageAXSPro v4.0, but it doesn't support FlasPix. However, It says "ImageAXS is capable of acquiring any file type for which you have a Media Control Interface (MCI) extension installed." Does this exist somewhere? Since I can read the FPX images on the Web, Does Win 98, IE4, MSOffice97Pro or Micrografx Graphics Suite 2.0 (Publisher 7.0) somehow already support FPX.

I am an industrial trainer. We use several Kodak DC220-260, which can store the "photos" in fpx or jpg. Another department has 800 MB of images from 1998 alone. Looking into the future, I believe that fpx is smarter, but I an not ready to move that direction yet. I/we must begin image cataloging with a product like ImageAXSPro. How can I use ImageAXS Pro AND fpx?

-- Grant E Kingsley (, February 20, 1999

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