SFX200 under studio flash?

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Has anyone used SFX200 for portraits under studio flash?

[1] What asa do you use?

[2] What developer and time. I have Ilfosol, Rodinal and Plus in a cask.

[3] What filter did you use. And after the results came back is it all worth it. Thanks Steve Nicholls

-- Steve Nicholls (gl1500@chariot.net.au), February 20, 1999


Steve: I'll skip right to question 3! SFX is ok, but in my opinion it is not worth it. If you are after some extended IR sensitivity, move right to Kodak HIE IR film. I use it extensively for studio portraiture. HIE: 1. Rated 320, with No filter! 2. Processed in D76 stock 11min @68F. 3. Print using 'considerable' magenta, plus 'some' yellow filtration. And employ 'some' enlarger softening/diffusion. The printing is ofcourse subjective. But can yield superb portrait images.


-- Mike W. (mbworld@adan.kingston.net), February 27, 1999.

I'm gonna try hot lights (more i-red) and no filter at ISO 200. I've been curious, too. Hie is cool film, but it's too much for portraits, unless you want too much. I'm looking for smoother skin, better detail. Medium format, not sheets or miniature. soon come back...t

-- tom meyer (twm@meteor.com), March 17, 1999.

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