Old photo paper

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I have a bunch of outdated photo enlarging paper, both matte and glossy. Could it be used for inkjet printing if it was fixed out, washed and dried? Harry

-- Harry Gehlert (cantabene@aol.com), February 19, 1999


No. You're going to run into several problems with this. Besides the printer inks being made for a different type of paper, you'll risk damaging your printer by running photographic paper through it. Check the technical specifications in the back of your manual. You may run the paper through successfully, but you'll strain the gears and rollers in the printer. Any damage you cause will not be covered under warranty.

The less serious problem is the ink absorbing into the fiber paper and bleeding out to cause fuzzy images. The RC paper will not let the ink absorb properly and will smear unless you let it dry carefully.

-- Darron Spohn (dspohn@clicknet.com), February 19, 1999.

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