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you can tell I'm a newby, third question in two weeks.

We have noticed that on some updates the updated row is moved to the bottom of the table when we do a select after the update. Is this normal. Can we stop it?

Reason for the request: I am using a VB6 Data grid bound to a table. When I use it on a '95 desktop connecting to an NT server and I update a column on the grid, the rows reorder like they are jumping beans(very embarassing in front of the client). However on my NT workstation connecting to a NT server running copy of the same database the grid works wonderfully. The select for the refresh of the grid uses an order by clause. I would appreciate it very much if anyone has encountered this kind of funny behavior. Yours Sincerily, Paul Tribe

-- Anonymous, February 16, 1999



I suspect VB6 is using different ODBC connections for the update and the query. If the UPDATE and SELECT result are tried sufficiently close together, SQL Server may reorder the two transactions. Transactions don't migrate in time over a single connection, but they may between connections. This is one of the hazards of letting VB manage your connections.

You may also want to use the order property for the grid, just set it in the initialization of the grid.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, February 17, 1999

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