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I have just launched my gallery pages (Actually piggybacked onto my other travel site) which contains several images in black & white culled from years of shooting and cubbyholing. They are being made public for the first time and include images from Vietnam, the Pacific Northwest and others. I would appreciate any and all comments. Ed

-- Ed Kane (, February 14, 1999


I liked Your photography. Considering the time when You took the pictures, I'm surprised about the motives. Especially 'Highway 410': Reminds me somewhat of good old AA - but if I keep in mind the context...

By the way: Please change Your background color. The green YOu have chosen is like a fist in the eye...

Please have a look at my 'B&W Gallery' at where You can find my pictures from Vietnam, Cambodia and Lao. I would be very interested in Your comments. As You will see, I have also a 'Visitor's Page' where I display quotes and pictures of my guests. Might be of interest for You...

Best regards,

Andreas Steiner

-- Andreas Steiner (, March 07, 1999.

Love those images.

One advice.

There are too many large images on one page. It takes ages to load. Separate them, or make small "thumb nails" that reveal larger images.

I'd be interested to see your photos of those places if you ever decide to return one day.

- G.

-- Garry T. (, May 28, 2000.

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