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At some point between 1940-1980, and I don't know when, the Southern marked a certain style of Yale lock and Adlake "Kero" short lanterns with the number "927" instead of SR or So. Ry., etc. Does anyone know when and why this was done? What was the significance of the "927" number? Any help appreciated.

-- Matt Bumgarner (, February 13, 1999


Research over the last few months has yielded the consensus among collectors that the "927" number was an FRA number assigned to the railroad. That "list of numbers" from which the number was assigned which would be circa late 50's/early 60's has yet to be seen, but the theory is plausible. The feeling is that the number was used instead of S.Ry. or Sou. Rwy, etc., in order to reduce theft and the number of lanterns and locks that were walking off the premises. One Tennessee super. was rumored to have ordered every new lantern that came to his region to be dented and bent in order to discourage theft. Incidentally, the SR used kerosene lanterns up until the last run of the Crescent, making it one of the last Class I's to use kero lanterns.

-- Matt Bumgarner (, September 08, 1999.

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