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Does anyone have a complete listing of every division (ie, Asheville Division, W-S division, etc) that the SR operated. Even better, does anyone know what divisions were merged into each other to form larger divisions, and the years such conversions took place? Geez, I don't ask for much!!

-- Matt Bumgarner (, February 13, 1999


Prior to the merger of the Southern with the N&W, the Southern had the following divisions: Alabama, Appalachian, Coastal, Crescent, Carolina, Eastern, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennesee, Western.

-- JD "Tuch" Santucci (, March 12, 1999.

He forgot Piedmont division but things have changed since of last week and they have renamed them in the M&W dept.They expanded them and I can get you a list of the new names if you want. Wayne sen. date 12-26-72 and counting

-- frecrick wayne eason (, February 10, 2001.

Since the SR/NW merger, the Kentucky and Tennessee Division's have merged to become the Central Division in 2001.

-- cnotpMP93.5 (, December 18, 2003.

In the mid 1950's Eastern Lines-Divisions-Washington, Danville, Richmond, Charlotte, Winston Salem, Columbis, Charleston. Central Lines-Divisions-Knoxville, Asheville, Memphis, Atlanta, GS&F. Western Lines-Divisions-CNO&TP, St Louis-Louisville, AGS, Birmingham, Mobile, NO&NE. 18 in all

-- J-66 (, December 18, 2003.

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