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I'm in the process of collecting information on the Murphy Branch for a conversion of my current layout. I have the one book on the Murphy Branch that I know if. It is well written and has some great photos but... in modeling I'd like even more, especially some of the missing track diagrams in some locations and photos of buildings.

I'm going to set up a maillist for anyone interested in this topic. Write me and I'll send the location to sign up at.

I'm personally looking at the early 50's or the late 30's for my model attempt. Little hesitant about the 50's since Fontana had been slammed into the midst.

BTW are the TVA pictures on line anywhere?

-- James Kline (, February 12, 1999


The October 1984 issue of Model Railroader has an article on modeling the Murphy Branch, Kit-bashing a reasonable facsimile of a Southern Rwy bay window caboose, and high-hooding a SD40-2 to reflect Souther Rwy practice. You may find this issue from a used magazine dealer, or direct from Kalmbach.

Good luck! Russell Underwood

-- Russell Underwood (, November 27, 1999.

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