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Greetings Fellow Alaskans,

If you are an Alaskan interested in preparing for possible Y2K (Year 2000) disruptions, earthquake, tsunami, or any other natural disaster prone to affect us, you are invited to our message board. We share helpful information about individual preparedness in this unique environment, and do so with a pioneering spirit. Topics include: alternative heat, power, light, and water systems, food storage, self-reliance, gardening, food storage, and more. We also desire to share local community information to assist one another across the state, ie. what store/supplier has critical items in stock, and are trustworthy to deal with. Whether you live in the bush, in a rural or island community, or in the city, come join us at the message board! We are interested in sharing and learning from everyone. Input and recommendations to prepare for possible Y2K disruptions are welcome. No registration or e-mail address is needed to visit or post at the message board, and you are welcome to use a "board name," as we do. We understand the need for the anonymous atomosphere because of the Y2K issue.

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-- NorthTrek & Snowshoe (, February 12, 1999

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