Availability of orthochromatic film

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After I took my Canadian No. 2 out for some testing this past weekend, I was disappointed to see that I had suffered some fogging through the frame-number window. I use Ilford FP4+; the paper backing is white on the non-film side and black on the film side. I had attempted to keep the window covered (black electrical tape) when not winding, but even the short time that I was winding the film, I had scalloped light streaks from the window.

It seems to me that using ortho film would solve this problem, with little noticeable loss in picture quality. Kodak doesn't seem to make any ortho films in 120 anymore, unfortunately. Does anyone know of a brand and type that I could use? Alternately, is there a way to count turns so that I don't need to open the window cover at all?


-- Hal Haygood (hhaygood@earthlink.net), February 11, 1999


re: film

I have this problem with some of my Brownies also. Instead of using electrical tape you might try red litho tape available at graphic supply stores or printing supply places. I've taped one strip from the inside of the camera hole and one from the outside and it has worked without any light leaks and I can see the film advance.

-- Chuck (cbaker@skypub.com), February 11, 1999.

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