Ed Yourdon's Y2K Outlook/Prediction (February, 1999)

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"...sooner or later, we all have to "bite the bullet" and make some firm decisions about Y2K, based on our best guess and whatever information we've been able to collect. I'm sure there will be some people who abdicate such a firm decision, because it can be pretty scary..." - Ed Yourdon

His best guesses

-- Bill (billdale@lakesnet.net), February 11, 1999


I have been giving book reviews at Barnes and Nobles and Borders book stores in the Northwest (including your new updated book). The responce is excellent however I believe I'm dealing with exceptional demographics. I'm also trainning as a Fema reservist for the Y2K resonds team. I personally have concluded (Bite the Bullet) I'm going to relocate out of the US. The bigger they are the harder they fall! I've done my homework on other locations to ride out the initial shock wave of Y2K. People in my meetings have asked me what I'm going to do and I have told them. I had a number of individuals follow up and look into my ideas. I urge people not to wait to long to dismiss moving as an option because the window of time for safely relocating could be substantally shorter then the year 2000. For instance the GPS rollover in August 20th (midnight) 1999. This undoubtably could intitiate the first wave of dominos to cascade causing Air Travel delays and possibly disasters. A goup of people are forming a community in Bali. I have sucessfully fielded many objections and questions to the relocation problems. Several have already booked tickets. I have lived in Bali for 17 months and can assure people of the reality that awaits. Bali has only had power to most of its resident for as little as 7 years. The island operates mostly on pre-technological labor. The X-President was oppossed to technology in fear it would cause unemployment, consequently the minimim of High Tech was put into use. Bali is a natual bread basket with many resourses. I hesitated releasing this but I fear few will have the time to resopond.

-- charles buck (charlesbuck2000@www.hotmail.com), February 26, 1999.

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