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I like the Luminos; Lumijet papers, specifically the "pearl" and "matte" finishes, however they only make the "glossy" in the double-weight(a true heavy-weight). Are there any papers out there that offer matte or N-finish type papers in a real heavy-weight...?


Mr. Young

-- Darrin Young (Aleedar@excite.com), February 09, 1999


i bought some heavy watercolor paper from MediaStreet (www.mediastreet.com). it's interesting -- not many photos seem to work well on it, but a few do. it's *very* heavy. and since it's uncoated, it absorbs lots of ink -- requires quite a bit of 'levels' tweaking in photoshop to get acceptable results. but i've gotten some, so i can recommend it...


-- John Labovitz (johnl@meer.net), February 12, 1999.

This may be a side trip, but... I use a 140 lb. cold press acid free watercolor stock (Strathmore, but others will work as well) to print photos I have digitized and converted to high contrast images with a couple (max) gray levels and black and white. I have an old (3 yrs) Epson Stylus Color II (I think it was one of the first that used separate black and 3-color cartridges). The best results are obtained with a very simple image - I have had good luck with portraits. Hand color the prints with either color pencils or pastel pigment applied with a soft brush and rubbed into the paper with a cardboard stylus, and you have a great looking image. Not a photograph, not a painting, not a watercolor, not a..., it's not your everyday print.

-- Bob Corley (fildoc@aol.com), October 06, 1999.

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