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Well, in response to the most recent Canyon Bomber score of 1122...nope,uh uh, no, no , no...that sort of garbage ain't gonna cut it here in MARPland.

Let me restate some things here -


The second understanding applies to the Canyon Bomber score. It would be nice if players joining in the merry fray would have the courtesy to see how the other boys and girls are playing the game. If the newcomer wishes to use a method that is even remotely odorous, he (or she...there are shes out there aren't there?)should ask first before shooting off a score to the upload pile. Now, viewing the aforementioned Canyon Bomber score, yes, the Canyon was cleared however the points become ridiculous when the computer player is not present. Case in point scored 1122, I scored 759...however, you left 66 balls(worth 186 points) on screen while I only left 22 worth 64 did my better game get beat you say? 'Cuz, partner, ya don't have another ship hogging all those precious points! My suggestion is to do the right thing and retry to beat the 759 with a ONE credit game. Yes, I'm sure it can be done (God knows this wouldn't be the first time someone has kicked my ass at a particular game)...but do it the right way, OK? OK. In the mean time, edit that baby down to zero and give me back those 7 points I lost. :p

Thank you for your understanding, JoustGod

-- JoustGod (, February 08, 1999


... A little late. I was going to coment on the Canyon Bomber score, but Joust God beat me to it. I agree with John completely. Good playing skills though Donut, so I'm sure he's capable of giving us some competition. Regards, Steve Krogman

-- stephen krogman (, February 08, 1999.

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