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Some weeks ago I bought a Boss Screen Ground Glass. Us$156.95 in B&H. Waste of money. The instruction paper says:"The wax/paraffine layer is susceptible of temperature and will melt above 50 Celsius. Bubbles will appear in the screen." Don't believe on it. Not more than 35 Celsius was enough to many small bubbles appear. So, LF fellows, if you are planning to make a trip to Greenland or Ushuaia, buy the Boss Screen, made in Netherlands, specially designed for these conditions, and enjoy the so called focus advantage.

-- Sergio Caetano (, February 07, 1999


Hallo there, I hate to disagree but Bosscreen is in my experience an eccellent product and inspite of some shortcomings (temperature is crucial) I've had do problems for more than 10 years in use. But what the hack, I've only used it in Holland and in Italy (with temperatures well above 35 degrees centigrades). Now I've even bought a second one to fit my new Wista and there I had lots of problems but only due to the fact that their so called wista grond glass was of the wrong size. Anyway Stabilix is a good company and they produce Bosscreen, mirrors for reflex cameras or similia and they coat lenses or re-coat them. Their address is : STABILIX b.v. burg. Hovylaan 84 2552 Den Haag- the Netherlands Tel +31 (0)70 3970061 no site on the net you can quote me as source of their address. Remember Sergio, 35 degrees in the shade(!) might very well be 50 in the sun. Keep cameras at all times in a bag(when not in use ! Ha! Ha!) and my experience was good. A friend had the same problem and carefully re-heated the glass and managed to fix the problem. Bosscreen are two pieces of glass with a mixture of paraffine and bee-wax in between. Fine grain is achieved in this way! But it is heat sensitive. Let's not be unfair on a good product! Regards.

-- andrea milano (, February 08, 1999.

my "do problem" was obviously "no problem" !!!! sorry andrea

-- andrea milano (, February 08, 1999.

mine arrived with bubbles and had to be sent back - shipped in late september as i recall - subsequently no problems with the cold (newton's rings reported by some - my experience down to low teens) sharpest screen i've seen but not that much brighter than regular GG

-- nye simmons (, February 14, 1999.

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