where to find commissions/ calls for entry?

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I am a sculptor in search of resouces- I am wondering if there is a single site, or multipe sites dedicated to compling lists of active commissions for public works being sought, or calls for entry for commissions nationwide (in the US). I don't want state-specific listings , meaning you have be a resident to apply for the job-


-- shan wells (shan@animas.net), February 07, 1999


I might suggest you begin by getting on the GSA Government Services Administration mailing list for their "Art in Architecture program".

"Art In Architecture Program" U.S. General Services Administration Washington, DC 20405 (202) 501-0048


Also check out www.sculpture.org which is the site for the International Sculpture Center. Check their "call for Artists".

Also check www.sculptor.org

And...www.artsusa.org which has listings of states arts councils.

-- Patricia Buck (cauldron@ecentral.com), February 14, 1999.

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