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<< Does anyone know of a Community Contingency Plan? : : We need one not from an administration point of view but a basic : community level: ie seniros, disadvantaged, food bank, shelter etc. : >> Hi, I'm working on one for San Francisco. I'll share with you some ideas. We, as a group are just getting started: 1. Providing lists for personal prep (stockpiling necessities) 2.Co-ordinating all activities of individuals and taskforces preferably on a webpage and hooking into cassandra project . 3. Mapping neighborhoods for resources, skills, tools, vulnerable populations A. Collaborating with gov't agencies. 1.SF health dept. has a disaster registry that has already done alot of this work for vulnerable populations. 2. Try getting the census takers involved to save time. 4. Task forces to collaborate with gov't. around many issues: A. Getting grain from silos into city sites for easy access for neighborhoods. B.Working with hospitals, medical supplies, pharmacies 5. Task forces to collaborate with business to find ways they can be helpful. 6. Task forces to collaborate with non-profits and social agencies. 7. Task forces to collaborate with media for both outreach to community and for in flow of ideas and further areas to address thru task forces of concerned citizen volunteers. 8. Task forces for collaborating with agencies to stockpile food, blankets, and clothing for homeless and poor. 9. We are currently working on developing a list of low-tech, homemade style ideas for sustainable practices to be implemented quickly for neighborhood sustainability,o be made available at (almost finished), need volunteers with computer access, and a little technical (handy person) know-how to cull and order ideas.Alternative Survival Information has already done alot and are collaborating. A. To my mind, once these ideas are available, and once everyone becomes aware of the potential dangers, y2k portends, this will be the most substantive form of contingency, and will be implemented in the remaining months. B. These short-term, funky kind of sustainability, will cover all the areas, such as alternative energy, water, food, heat, shelter, transportation, communication, waste removal, etc. 10. There will be also individuals teaching survival skills and first aid to individuals who then teach it to others, and so on. ______________________ These are all that come to mind immediately, but I hope its a start to answering your very important question. I would hope others would add relevant ideas to it, and in this way,soon, we can develope a good list to share with all the other communities in the world.

-- Tom Osher (, February 06, 1999

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