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When we recreate a table or view in our decision support database which has other views built over it, the sysdepends table no longer has the correct pointers. Any advice on how I can get this back in sync? Recreating the views would work, but only if I do them in the exact right order (if viewA is built over viewB and I recreat them all in order, viewB gets created second and the dependencies are lost again). I want to get this straightened out so I can keep it all maintained properly on a go-forward basis by always checking dependencies before recreating any table or view, and also recreating the dependent views afterwards....thanks!

-- Anonymous, February 06, 1999


Re: sysdepends gets out of whack


If the database does not have circular dependencies, you should be able to recreate sysdepends just by running your script two times in a row.

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, February 06, 1999

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