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What's the diff between the trv-9 and the trv-900, The 9 is like $1500 and the 900 is like $2500 so assume there is a big diff. Does one x-fer better to 16mm or 35mm film better?

-- Scott Farnsworth (, February 05, 1999


Scott -

The TRV-900 is an updated, upgraded version of the TRV9. The most important difference is that the 900 is a 3chip, which means better color and a higher resolution. If you plan to shoot professionally or just want to capture a superior image (nearly equal to the VX- 1000) then go with the 900, which I think is available mail order at around $2000.

FYI - The Danish film "The Celebration" was shot with a PAL version of the the TRV9.


-- Chris Ward (, February 06, 1999.

Chris is right on about the difference... a significant performance jump up from the TRV9's single chip to the TRV900's 3 chips. And yes, it produce images darn close in quality to the VX1000. The difference primarily comes from the VX1000 having larger CCD chips.

If you mail-order the camera and want good sound you might also want to order the Beachtec dual XLR adapter for the TRV900. I've often found that I can negotiate better prices on accessories when I purchase them at the same time as the camera, and an XLR adapter can be a might important addition for some folks. (That's assuming you have or will want to eventually get good external mics for the camera.)

-- John

-- John Windmueller (, February 07, 1999.

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