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I have five Baldwin Locomotive Works builder plates and would like to find there value. The dates are one is 1905 three are 1924 one is 1925. THANKS FOR ANY HELP

-- (jhill7328@aol.com), February 04, 1999


The short answer is, "Whatever you can get for it."

The long answer is, "It depends..."

It depends on the condition - cracked, chipped, and otherwise broken plates don't generally bring as much as those in good condition.

It also depends on the railroad from which it came. Something "exotic" like, say, Colorado Midland would bring more than a New York Central plate simply because the NYC lasted longer and owned more locomotives than the CM.

It depends on the part of the country you are in and where the plate is from. An SAL plate will bring more in Georgia or Florida than in Minnesota. (I got a great deal on an Atlanta & West Point plate from a fellow from Minnesota and the deal was made in the Chicago area.)

The value also depends on what type of locomotive the plate is from. Road engine plates, particularly those from passenger engines, bring more than those from switchers, as a rule.

Having said all that, Baldwin plates in average condition will bring about $150-250 for those in the 20's, a bit more for the 1905 plate.

You may get a dissenting opinion or two on those prices.

Hope this helps.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (RHanson669@aol.com), May 07, 1999.

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