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Need information/disposition of the FEC coaches that went to SAL.

-- Rich Warner (tsuru@gte.com), February 04, 1999


South Bay(SCL 5837) was in use as the food service car on the Gulf Wind in the early seventies for a time. I obtained exterior and interior photos of the car when riding the Wind on New Years day, 1970. What its assignment was before or after this date was uncertain. According to David Randall in Streamliner Cars,Vol.3, the car was scrapped after 1971.

-- paul coe (paul_coe@yahoo.com), October 10, 2000.

Seaboard purchased a series of surplus FEC cars in November 1965. These cars were as follows, with the new SAL number first:

Baggage: 6070 ex 501 ACF 3/50

Baggage Dormitory: 6057 ex Halifax River ex New Smyrna Budd 11/39 6058 ex St. Johns River Budd 4/47

Baggage Dormitory 22 Seat Coach: 6006 ex Indian River ex Stuart Budd 11/39

Coach: 6252 ex Delray Beach Budd 11/39 6253 ex New Smyrna Beach ex Hobe Sound Budd 11/39 6254 ex Melbourne Budd 11/39 6255 ex Vero Beach " " 6256 ex Pompano " " 6257 ex Boca Raton " " 6258 ex Dania Budd 6/46 6259 ex Eau Gallie " " 6260 ex Ormond " " 6261 ex Wabasso " " 6262 ex Belleglade Budd 7/46 6263 ex Jacksonville Budd 6/46 6264 ex Stuart " " 6265 ex Pahokee Budd 10/49 6266 ex Sebastian PS 12/49 6267 ex Canal Point " " 6268 ex Salerno " " 6269 ex Lantana " " 6270 ex Hypoluxo " " 6271 ex St. Augustine PS 12/54 6272 ex Miami " " 6273 ex Hollywood " " 6274 ex Cocoa-Rockledge " "

Dining Cars: 6115 ex Fort Lauderdale Budd 11/39 6116 ex Fort Dallas Budd 4/47 6117 ex Fort Matanzas " " 6118 ex Fort San Marco " " 6119 ex Fort Ribault PS 2/50 6120 ex Fort Drum PS 2/50 Dining/Lounge: 6620: ex South Bay ACF 8/50 Observation Lounge:6606 ex Lake Worth Budd 11/39 6607 ex Bay Biscayne " "

Almost all of the above cars were built for joint use in ACL trains. The 11/39 cars were built for the Champion and the Henry M. Flagler. The 1946 cars were built based upon a pre-war order-they were essentially pre-war cars in terms of interior appointments. Car Pahokee was built for joint NYC SOU FEC New Royal Palm. This car was similar to SOU 1949 Budd built cars used on the Southern Crescent in later years. Car South Bay was also built for the Royal Palm, but it's stainless steel sheathing was built to match the pre-war Pullman Standard cars orginally built for the 1941 Southerner.

Question for SAL/SCL times-Where was the South Bay AKA 6620 used? There is one partial phot of the car in the Seaboard Airline Album sitting at Jacksonville-you can identify it by the odd stainless steel sheathing. It was numbered in SAL tavern car series, but it had a full kitchen, a dining area and a lounge. An interior shot of the car( or one of its SOU sisters ) is in "Rails to the Palms" by Vernon Key. Any one have shots of this car in SAL/SCL service? The same thing applies to the Pahokee-SAL 6265-any photos extant? One FEC mystery-Budd built a chair-lounge car for FEC in March 1948- Port Everglades. Any one know what happened to it? Lemme know-photos, etc would be of interest.

-- Michael W. Savchak (Savchak@MNR.org), December 15, 1999.

I have a list somewhere.E-mail me next week and I'll look for it.

-- Joseph Oates (jlosal@gte.net), February 09, 1999.

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