Many have hoped for the DVD lifesaver of Titanic but the truth is it is not a life saver only something dragging it down. Titanic is sinking DVD (pretty funny, huh?) DVD is highly popular right now and holding on for your one favorite film to show up on DVD is dumb. The Special Edition came from a rumor mill. The scenes are gone, no longer here, DESTROYED. The fact is no one in America can sit for more than 3 1/2 hours, that is how long Gone With The Wind is! James Cameron and Fox (the chief owners of Titanic) have no plans for a DVD edition much like George Lucas has no plans for Star Wars, Steven Spielberg has no plans for Indiana Jones. Why? They want to face the future. Star Wars: Episode I is slated to be on DVD, new James Cameron movies are ready for DVD. Titanic may be released on DVD but it could be years not months, after all Fox just got in on it in September. They have to test the waters before sending out a monster hit and you have to get a DVD player now, buy their first, second, etc. generation movies, and prove to them that DVD is indeed the future

-- Rutger Stevens (, February 04, 1999


Destroyed? Not bloody likely. You've obviously not seen or heard of the CD-ROM package "James Cameron's Titanic Explorer." Practically all the historical scenes that were shot but cut from the theatrical release can be viewed in this three-disk set.

And as for the "Special Edition" talk coming from a rumor mill, Cameron himself has raised this topic in numerous interviews. While he may just be BS-ing everyone (I'm sure Ms. Hamilton could tell some stories to that effect), that hardly qualifies as a "rumor mill."

As for DVD, I think sales are just about to reach critical mass for industrywide acceptance (especially after this moronic DIVX format is killed off).


-- Kip Henry (, February 08, 1999.

Official press releases from the past week have said that the DVD version of Titanic will be out this September, both in North America and internationally. Fox will handle the international distribution, Paramount the North American version.

(The press releases can be accessed, for the time being, via the "Yahoo search" button on the main TitanicShack homepage: titanic/shack.html)

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, April 11, 1999.

think someone needed to get there facts right a special edit of titanic on dvd is due out this year i have confirmed it with fox in lodon enc special material cut scenes ect

-- Matthew Reynolds (, March 04, 2005.

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