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I would like to talk with other "HP Photo Smart Printer" users. I print mostly black and whites and sepia for hand tinting. Any advice to increase photo print quality would be wonderful. Thanks, Vickie

-- Vickie Cole (, February 03, 1999


Hi vicki, I find that HP matte paper and brownish tint /matte works very nice. I set the dpi as high as my system manages easily. I also like the effects of non glare glass on my finished print. What sort of difficulties are you experiencing. Are you using photoshop 5.2? I am from Dallas, TX and would love to hear from you and share some shooting experiences and maybe some work. Nick

-- Nick (, May 21, 1999.

I'm working with HP 690C+ also with PhotoSmart software. I'd also wonder many times what should i do with B&W prints. my conclusions are, if i want pure B&W print, i use the black cartridge and point in the color page on the PhotoSmart softwar to print on grayscal. if i want a tint like sepia i use RGB format and print it with Photo cartridge on my printer. The best results are on HP Premium paper.

-- Hellman Yosi (, May 29, 1999.

I see this thread goes back a while, but I just found this site. Don't know whether you all stopped posting or went private and direct. I've just ordered a photosmart printer and the new S20 scanner, specifically for B&W, though I will be doing some color work. I would appreciate the benefit of your experience. I'll be working mostly in high-res 8X10 for display art. Direct responses welcome or please post your interest here. Thanks, and happy 4th!

-- Jackson Burgess (, July 04, 1999.

I also have a Photosmart printer and scanner and am interested in doing black and white...have been experimenting with different papers other than usual photo printing papers. I have tried water color paper with little success. i have been unable to find matte paper at any of the usual resourses..Can anyone tell me where to get Matte paper from. Also....has anyone worked out a way to scan med fromat negs with the photomart scanner. I have tons of b & w medium format negs that i want to scan but obviously cant...any suggestions other than getting them printed and scanning the prints.

-- Rick Zeidman (, July 10, 1999.

This afternoon, for the first time, I printed a black & white photo on my HP Photosmart. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked. Previously I had only printed color photos. I have some questions though concerning ink usage when printing black & white. The Photosmart has 6 ink colors and one of them is black but my understanding is that all 6 are used to print black. For that reason I am assuming that printing a black & white image would not cause the black ink to quickly be used up while there are still plenty of the other colors. It would be expensive and a shame if printing black & white meant that the black ink would be exhausted much sooner than the other colors. Does anyone know if I am correct in my assumption?

Also, when printing black & white is it important to select gray scale in the HP printer driver? For the image I printed I did not.

-- Henry Richardson (, July 12, 1999.

I just switched from Paint Shop Pro5 TO Photoshop Software....WOW...I really like it. I'm interested in Tutorials for Photography, not graphics, any good sites out there? Also, my PhotoSmart printer is working wonderfully, I've had it since December of 98. I just printed my best B/W photo ever using my new Photoshop software and HP PhotoSmart glossy photo greeting card paper. Vickie

-- Vickie Cole (, July 19, 1999.

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