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Hi folks, I'm happy to report that there's now a new lens option for dv filmmakers using the XL1. Optex, a UK optics company, has started producing an all-manual lens for the XL1. No more servo focus & zoom hassles. Now you can get accurate rack focus shots, consistant backfocus, and snap zooms. A fluid exposure adjustment ring also gives you more flexibility, along with smoother handling of lighting shifts.

It's actually a Fujinon lens adapted to fit on the XL1. Mine just arrived in the mail today, and so far I'm loving it.

The only minuses are... #1. Price. $1,700. That's actually a very small amount in the world of lenses, but still no small addition to your camera. #2. Features. No auto focus, no auto zoom, no image stabilization. This is, after all, an all-manual lens. #3. The XL1 gives you a lens warning while the lens is attached... a small flashing "lens" notice at the bottom-left of the viewfinder. You can see it by removing or loosening the stock lens on your XL1. Very innocuous; I stoped noticing it after the first minute of shooting.

Anyway, just thought folks might be interested. You can see Optex's web page about it at The US distributor for it is ZGC

-- John Washington, DC

-- John Windmueller (, February 02, 1999


I got my XL about a year ago. At the last DV Expo (October last year I think) I was telling a Canon rep (a smart one!) about the Optex Nikon lens adapter. He was startled and tole me that nobody else made one, and that it would need an optic train to focus the image (Like Canon's own overpriced EOS adapter).

Well, after I ordered the Nikon adapter and used it, I should have called the man back. It works great, once you come to terms with the 7.2X magnification. FOr obvious reasons I tend to use it mostly with my 20mm Nikkor and not much else, since it it "seeing" thru the center third of the lens or so- one reason to use only god optics. But when shooting closeups, or tele shots, it eliminates many of the problems with the Canon zoom.

Last thing: my camera will hunt focus even when in manual mode (which stumped the Canon reps as well). Anyone else had this prob? Rod P

-- Rod Pyle (, October 12, 1999.

I tried that Optex Lens Last month for one wedding shoot. I love the quality & the sharpness of the lens. I end up returning it coz I miss some important features I mostly use like low shutter speed & AE lock feature. Also Canon is coming with a Manual Lens for XL-1, I'll wait for that. By the way I bought the Cam as used, Body only, no Lens. If you're not using your Original Lens or planning to buy the Optex. I'll be interested with it for a good price,

-- Jess Amonoy (, October 13, 1999.

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