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I'm having trouble getting the item ID numbers to appear in the shopping cart (they are present as text and hidden code on my catalog pages). If I set $useid = 1; in the smart.cfg file, it doesn't seem to work unless I also have $useadmin = 0; (?) And, although this does serve to display my item ID numbers along with the rest of the item info in the cart, it makes a mess of the table lines. Is there any easy fix to this problem?



-- Roger (, February 02, 1999


Hi, The item ID number is passed from form to form with hidden input tags. If you just want it to display somewhere on the HTML pages. you should be able to just call it out in the HTML portion of the script.

something like: print "Item Number:$itemid\n";

If you place this where you want it to show up on the pages in the HTML customization portions it should show it to the customer.

Good Luck, Marc Burnell

-- Marc Burnell (, February 21, 1999.

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