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I've got S-mart basically up on my website, have the database generating pages, have the cart adding things properly, when I go to check out it gives me the buy1 page with the form to input the customer information, but when I click on the "buy me" button which is the submit action in the form with post action buy2 instead of doing the buy2 routine it does the review routine. Any suggestions?

the pages are at

-- Rick Clevenger (, February 02, 1999


I finally got everything working except the "Buy Me!" button also. When I "view source" I see the form action "=add" instead of "=buy2". Can anyone tell us where the fix is for this?

-- Leonard Foster (, June 29, 1999.


I found your answer! You need to change "add" to "buy1" in the smart.cgi at the point shown below.

# This is where you want to customize your generated pages!! # Basically the top part will write out the header, then the table header # Change the table header for options like spacing, borders, etc...

sub print_item { local(*ITEM) = shift; print "

\n";##This is where I changed "add" to "buy1" # Hide the weight for later use print "\n"; print "\n";

Unfortunately, this brings up another problem. When I click the "Buy" button, I do get to the order screen buy the product info isn't there. Who knows the answer to this one?

-- Leonard Foster (, June 29, 1999.

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