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I'll be glad to listen for comments on my B&W photo site. it's located at Comments and critique on both photo and site design are welcome

-- Yan Zommer (, February 02, 1999


Sorry: Those disgusting Geocity banners just kept me from involving myself in this site. What an in-your-face ourage!

-- Ed kane (, February 15, 1999.

I survived the banners, but didn't go much further than to You title that says: 'The world around can be black and white'.

My answer: No it can't... ;-)

It is my personal fetish to fight this 'black and white' metaphor associated with Black-And-White Photography. b/w photography is about 'Shades of Grey'...

...what You seem to know when I have a look at Your photography. Good work, by the way.


Andreas Steiner

-- Andreas Steiner (, March 07, 1999.

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