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Dear Eric

Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion of naming the new server same name as the old one (offline) but when I made the old server offline and new server online, few services including workstation, and Backup exec. did start, User Manager and Server manager were not accessable and the itself was not accessable on the LAN and an error message to the extent of server of the same name already exist on the network.

Your advise is highly appreciated. Saad

-- Anonymous, February 01, 1999



You wrote privately: Dear Eric

Thank you for your reply however I managed to overcome this problem by making sure there is only one server of the same name on the same LAN, and stopping computer browser and starting it again.

Also I managed to see all databases on the new server and even scheduled dumps performed properly at the correct time.

Current problem: is when I try to access the database through an application on a client machine it comes up with an error "ODBC login setting is corrupt".

Any idea or advise will be appreciated.

Many thanks Saad

To which, I responded privately: Saad,

I found no references anywhere to the error message, "ODBC login setting is corrupt". It may be that this is an error message created by the application developer. Please double check the error message. If you have transcribed it correctly, contact the application developer or look in the application code for further clues.

Good Luck,


-- Anonymous, February 11, 1999

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