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Hi, I am new in VCD stuff. I have quite a few of Karaoke VCD's.I would like to make my own selection CD of existing .dat files with my CD-RW and Adaptec VCD Creator software. Also CD-r can only work on my VCD/VCD Player Pioneer 401 when I make CD-r using Deluxe CD copy - CD to CD. It does not work when I use Adaptec Easy CD Creator to copy all files.

-- Danny Nguyen (, February 01, 1999


Adaptec CD copier deluxe can copy multi-format discs, disc 2 disc, track 2 track. But one thing should be clear here. Though most CDROM drives can read VCDs or VCD files, the track arrangement of a VCD is VERY DIFFERENT from an ordinary data CD ( like your Win 98 CD). Modern CDROM drives are just designed to read this format.Adaptec Easy CD creator creates only data CD's and Audio CD's formatted in the native PC format. This format cannot be read by your VCD player although the files are totally the same.Should you want to have your own selection of favorites, extract *.MPGs from all your existing *.DAT files in VCD then go on with either Adaptec VCD Creator V3.5 or CeQuadrat V3.5 to create your VCD.

-- nick pablo (, May 26, 1999.

Try using nero 6.0 or any older version will do... it is very user friendly

-- Zayd (, May 29, 2004.

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