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I'm testing out the script for the first time and everything is going great except I can't seem to get the catalog pages to generate. I have been able to set up my database, but when I try to create the pages with the following recommended path... (with appropriate corrections made for my server)

...all I get is my header and footer to appear with nothing in between.

Any suggestions would really be appreciated.



-- Roger Kruppa (, February 01, 1999


Is your database in the right directory? It goes in with the HTML files, not in the cgi-bin. I put it in both places because I didn't know where it went and then changed one then the other to determine where it was recieving the input from? I assume you have the config file set to use the database and you've got it named the right thing.


-- Rick Clevenger (, February 02, 1999.


I received an email response with instructions to add "&type=all" to the path that generates the catalog pages. It should look like this...

It worked.



-- Roger (, February 02, 1999.

TALK ABOUT UN-DOCUMENTED DETAILS! I've been messing around with my .db for hours trying to figure out why it * STOPPED* working! I had no idea its basepath was based off the header/footer paths. sheessh! I'm going to email Barry Robison and tell him to add that choice bit of info into the smart.cgi comments!

-- veovix (, January 05, 2000.

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