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organic by choice now has a shop in byron bay that sells totally certified organic everything we want to know is there anyone else out there doing the same and selling totally organic certified from drinks to chocalate to produce because we believe we are the first in australia any info would greatly apprecciated

-- organic by choice (, February 01, 1999


is there anyboby out there

I'm not aware of what other areas are doing. Incidently , do you have much trouble getting a decent consistent range?

-- David Roby (, February 11, 1999.

Selling Organic Everything


I know of two organic retailers, one in Sydney and one in Geelong, Vic.

The Sydney organic retailer is called Alfalfa House. I don't know whether all their products are organic, I suspect most are. They have a Web site.

The Geelong organic retailer is called Wholefoods Co-op. Ltd. About 85% of their stock is organic.


-- julian randell (, August 01, 1999.

Organic retailers

The Blue Mountains Food Co-Op started out very similarly to Alfalfa house about 20 years ago, and is still operating, on a commercially viable level. It stocks organic fruit and vegetables, organic dairy, soy etc products, bulk miso, honey, rice malt etc plus drygoods including sugar flours legumes pulses etc. (Also 'natural' soaps deodorant etc) There is often choice between organic and non, though. I don't know if they originaly started as wholly organic

There is also a biodynamic farm in Dural, Sydney called Warrah. There is a small farm shop there that also stocks vegetables from the sydney organic wholesalers as well as other organic products.

-- Tim Stewart (, November 30, 2000.

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