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What is the rule of thumb for choosing shutter speed for Minox 8x11 camera or Minox 35 camera to freeze motion ?

-- martin tai (, January 31, 1999




Minox 35mm series camera is an aperture priority system, you set the aperture first (base on film speed, requirement of depth of field ) and the system selects the proper shutter speed.

But in sport photography, the objects are moving, in order to avoid blurred picture, you must select sufficient high shutter speed.

One simple way to gage the speed of object is view through the view finder of you Minox (be it Minox 35ML or Minox GT-E etc ) held horizontally, check to see how many seconds it takes for a car, or other object to move across the viewfinder frame.

According to my calculation, the rule of thumb for Minox 35mm is: "two sec frame at 1/500 sec" ie if it takes two seconds for an object to pass through viewfinder then the shutter speed should be 1/500 sec. If it takes 10 sec, then a shutter speed of 1/100 sec is sufficient to freeze motion.

For Minox subminiature cameras which have higher shutter speed( except EC/ECX ) the rule of thumb is "1 second frame for 1/1000 "

The rule for Minox EC/ECX is same as for Minox 35mm series.

-- martin tai (, January 31, 1999.

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