Subj: All ABOARD THE PEDALBUS -WORLDWIDE COLLABORATION Date: Tuesday, January 26, 1999 10:26:49 AM Bagelhole1 (, under construction, calls for collaborators, globally, to share ideas as to the best ways (design, mediums,etc) we can think of to build a bus for about 50 people, that is a hybrid, run both by pedal power and electrical (generated by the pedal power and the turbine on top), equipped with sail. There would be a driver who steers, changes gears, and brakes. . All passengers ride/pedal for free, of course. Electric kicks in, when there are not enough pedal/riders. Music to inspire pedallers, and start to do things in the "new" way, i.e. creative expressiveness. Every city could have such a bus to bring attention to people to aid in soliciting low-tech, homemade style ideas for self-sustainability, thinking in terms of small neighborhoods, in mutual co-operation with each other, as a way to really kick off community contingency preparation, globally for y2k or any future disasters. This needs to be done very quickly. So please heed, if you hear the call, this post and come up with some good ideas to submit and/or post this as appropriately as you can, to widen the scope, please. Finally, this could be viewed,in addition to the above, as our first real exercise in global collaboration to promote self-sustainability. from the heart of the bagelhole bagelhole1 415-824-421

-- Tom Osher (, January 31, 1999


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