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Is it possible to calculate the shipping cost. When there is a possibility to order more items wich means more weight wich als means more shipping cost. After that to calculate it for a specific country. Because more distance is more expensive

-- Andre (, January 31, 1999


Anything is possible you put your mind to it. I myself have redone smart for shipping by weight and Multiship as in ups ground/next day and so forth .. the things i had to do first was to change and add a few things when it's getting the info i copied the ship=3 (ie. ship by weight) to JUSt before the Multiship proc.. that there calculates what i call the BASE weight $$$ then the multiship that takes the base weight and * it by the multiship option so basically UPS ground = 1 and Next day = 4 so in the code its getting the BASE weight first then $shipamt = BASE * 4 for next day rate hope this helps you think of your other possiblities.

-- Chris Ward (, May 13, 1999.

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