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I read what your opening statement said about information about family member information, but my grandfather was a foreman of some type on the railroad and was shot by one of his employees. He later died from that shooting and I am trying to find out some more information. Any response about this request would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Bill

-- Bill O'Hearon (, January 30, 1999


Dear Bill,

If your grandfather paid into the present railroad retirement system there may still be a record of it. Retirement or vestment in the system is not the only reason to keep the records. Records of all who have paid in must be kept in case that person later comes back to the railroad industry, since all time counts toward vestment. If the record has not been purged due to notification of death or length of elapsed time, the Railroad Retirement Board can look it up in their computer system. You will need the social security number and usually written permission from next of kin. If there, they could provide you with months paid in and which railroads the employment was with. Some smaller railroads have failed to pay in on behalf of their employees though, but I have never heard a complaint against the Southern in this regard.

Ben Lee

-- Ben Lee (, February 27, 1999.


It would be a big help to know the year and place to receive any help. If you can send me that, I might could help. I have some employee information on old Danville, Washington & Richmond divisions. That would be from Alexandria, Va. to Salisbury, NC, Richmond,Va. to West Point, Va., Manassas, Va. to Harrisonburg, Va., Greensboro, NC to Goldsboro, NC, and a few other lines.

Marvin Black

-- J. Marvin Black (, November 03, 2002.

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