Pump Cars and "put-puts"

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I know this is a strange request...BUT! Does anyone know where I could get ahold of mechanical plans for an old-fashioned pump car or what I've heard refered to as a "put-put" (?)? I thought these would be fun to try and build and run over unused line. (beats walking) Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Matt

-- Matt Buck (Matt_buck13@hotmail.com), January 29, 1999


Matt, What you want to do is illegal! It is still considered Tresspassing and mose RR's will procecute! On the rest of your question you have two different pieces of RR equipment mixed up. There are old time levercars(pump cars) that arehand powered and there are motorcars (putt-putt) that are motor driven. There are two national organizations that promote the safe and legal side of motorcars and levercars. They are "MCCA" and "NARCOA". NARCOA has a web site so you can learn something about the hobby there. There is a gentleman by last name of Carpenter that sells a set of blueprints to build a levercar. NARCOA should have address. If not let me know and I will find address. Also consider the set of Southern Railway maintenance standards the the Southern Rwy Historical in Spencer,NC sells. It has a set of plans for a pumpcar also.

-- Rick Perry (railsend@mindspring.com), January 30, 1999.

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