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Mature Y2K survivalist couple expecting severe and prolonged crisis seeks other couples of similar conviction to form self-sufficient rural refuge. We anticipate acquiring land, house, barn, livestock, stable with horses, diesel generator, solar system, secure storage facilities, green-house, and a wide assortment of equipment and supplies. There will be ample space for trailers, cabins, yurts etc. for individual family living accommodations and a communal area providing cooking, laundry, eating, bathing, toilet, and social activities.

Many skills are needed and all participants will be expected to work at the many demanding tasks required for self-sufficient living. Security measures will be put into effect as appropriate. Pre-Y2K survivalists are not encouraged to respond. Each family joining must be prepared to invest $100,000 in cash or other tangible assets. Legal structure will provide equity shares in the assets of the refuge.

In addition to your equity investment, as an incoming member you will be expected to bring with you the following items which will belong to you personally and which you will remove if you decide to leave:

1. A diesel-powered 4x4 pickup truck capable of pulling a trailer. 2. A trailer and/or yurt or a mobile home that will be your primary dwelling until better accommodations can be built. 3. An 8x8x40 steel shipping container with steel lock-box welded over the main hasp. These can be obtained from a Portland source and delivered to the Eugene area for about $2,270. This will be your personal storage for food, supplies, and household goods that you wish to preserve. 4. Furnishings for the above dwelling, including a suitable wood-stove for heating and cooking and a composting toilet. 5. Insulation for the above shipping container and shelving if desired. 6. Essential food, clothing, and supplies for your family for at least two years. We suggest you figure 2 lbs. of food per person per day for a total of at least 1,500 lbs. per individual. Dried food can be substituted at 1/4th the weight of fresh foods. 7. Personally owned security equipment and supplies.

Within a basic framework to which incoming members agree, decision making will be by consensus. In this regard the highest standard of ethics will be upheld. For information about this standard go to http://www.gaiafriends.com/ethics/P_S/org_eth.htm.

If you already own suitable rural land of 30 acres or more consider joining to ensure adequate resources and person-power to make self-sufficiency a reality.

To discuss the possibilities call Bob at 541-687-2500 or email: podolsky@clipper.net. Serious candidates only, please.

-- Bob Podolsky (podolsky@clipper.net), January 28, 1999


Very Important Notice:

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-- Mike Richards (Icanwork@aol.com), April 17, 1999.

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