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hey there , was anyone else at Craig's headzspace party in greensboro? i thought that party had the most incredible vibe i've been a part of in quite some time. MAD props to all who made it happen. also, i am writing a review of the party for a local 'zine so if you would like to comment on the party drop me or the list a note. please leave your name and let me know what's ok to publish. thanks; Peace Love Unity Respect gabe

-- Anonymous, January 28, 1999


It was hot, wet, nasty, and good. I enjoyed the music and the setup was nice, but I don't think they succeeded in creating some special vi be. The people(and the drugs) who were there created the vibe. Also, I thought that the poster about "our scene" on the wall was a bit ridiculous. PLUR this, PLUR that, fuck it. Just be a cool person, respect everybody, and have a good time. I don't need some poster reminding me how to act. I guess I'm off the point a little. Overall, the party was good and fun, the Hardkiss brothers and Earthtone Soundsystem being excellent.

-- Anonymous, February 03, 1999

okay...i've been around this "scene" or what-have-you for a pretty good while...i embarassing as some might think this is, i got started with electronic music when i saw prodigy on mtv late one night on 120 minutes...i know...i know...not exactly prestigious routes...but hey...the end justified the means...anywho...i just wanted to say that the headzspace party was downright amazing...the downstairs room was just absolutely perfect...the system down there was --**BOOMIN'**-- ! between the sound...the B-A-S-S...the dj's...the ladies...i mean, all in all...babylon got NUTHIN on this event...however, the whole hardkiss brothers thing just didn't jive very well with me...i mean...every time i made the journey up those LONG AND STEEP stairs, i heard literally the SAME DAMN BEAT...every time...and it may have been be...i won't deny it...but it sure sounded like the same song...for like 3 thanks, robbie...however, like i said...downstairs had their s*&% pulled together TIGHT...i've got one word, for the future of NC raver/junglists...and that word is...DANIEL...the man is divine...his jump up jungle set totally blew my mind...between him, and a small group of fellow heads (that i'd never met before, but who were TOTALLY rad to me) down front, i don't think i stopped moving AT ALL for around 3 hours or this point, i was seeing all sorts of pretty colors and gettin' somewhat woozy from the only complaint...but the heat allowed for some incredibly rad water to collect on the floor downstairs...the whole "splashdance" vibe was just too perfect...but i give this event "three thumbs up"...for sure..and i totally can't wait for the next hair production...i'll be doubt...

MiScHiEf...(Mischief Collective rising...keep your eyes open...)

-- Anonymous, March 28, 1999

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