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I just saw a picture in an out-of-print book of a streamlined locomotive that was described as the only streamlined locomotive the Southern ever had. Does anyone know anything about it? (When bought, from where, where&when did it operate, what happened to it, paint scheme?)


-- Leroy Delionbach (, January 27, 1999


Leroy--your are talking about #1380 a PS4 Pacific streamlined in 1939 for use on the Washington D.C. to Lynchburg leg of the Tennessean. After the Tennessean was completely dieselized 1380 saw general use and was scrapped in the early 1950s in Baltimore, Md. Prescision Scale imported a brass version 2-3 years ago in HO scale and you occasionally see one offered on the Caboose Hobbies web page but they doubled in value immmediately after their release. I will be adding some photos to the web site soon--Larry

-- Larry Puckett (, January 27, 1999.

Larry... Thanks for the information. I found a good picture in my copy of Prince's "Southern Railway System" when I knew what I was looking for.Would like to see a color photo if anyone has one to share here, or if anyone knows where one is published. Leroy

-- Leroy Delionbach (, January 27, 1999.

Leroy--there is a pretty good color shot in the Southern In Color book vol 1 and I undersdtand in vol 2 as well. Also, there was a Vanishing Rails postcard of one out a few years ago. I just saw one of the brass models for sale on the Model Railroader web page classified section too.

-- Larry Puckett (, January 29, 1999.

Leroy-- The information posted in response to your question about the 1380 is correct--but let me add one thing: The 1380 was the only Ps4 to be streamlined, but the 1380 was not Southern's only streamlined steam engine. Light Pacific 1219, belonging to the Atlanta division, also got some streamlining in the late 20's. The streamlining was not as extensive as what the 1380 received, but enough to make her stand out from other Ps/Ps2 Pacifics. I have photos of the 1219 that Shelby Lowe gave me, made in 1929 just before and just after overhaul at the old South Shops in ATlanta. The styling applied to the 1219 made her look like a Canadian Pacific engine. The 1219, you may recall, was the engine pulling First #2 "Ponce de Leon" when it collided head-on with Ts Mountain 1456 pulling #101 "Royal Palm" at my hometown of Rockmart GA on 12-23-26. The 1219 does not appear to have been streamlined at the time of the Rockmart wreck, judging from photos of the wreckage. The streamlining may have been applied when the engine was rebuilt after the Rockmart wreck. The streamlining was subsequently removed. The 1219 spent her last years on the south end of the Atlanta division running between Macon and Brunswick. I have a photo of the 1219 made about 1950, showing her looking like a very conventional Atlanta division Ps/Ps2.

-- (, February 08, 1999.

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