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When will the presentation slides that Robin presented in lecture be available? He said it was supposed to be up and we have lab on Wednesday morning.

Also, what is to be expected for the preparation? It's a little hard to put everything together in one day especially since Prof Kaviani hasn't even presented any bus or timing material to us.

-- Ken Tse (, January 26, 1999


The 68K bus timing specs were put on the web page last night (Monday around 6:30), and I also posted some other info about tri-state busses and aliasing. This is enough for Lab2. The other info on DRAM will go up later in the week, but this is not necessary for Lab2.

Lab2's handout had enough bus timing info for you to do most of the design, so you've had a bit more than one day.


-- Robin Grindley (, January 26, 1999.

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