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In a recent article about COMDEX, I saw a reference to an 'early model' of a DVD camcorder produced by Panasonic. Does anybody have more information about this product? I am considering buying a digital camcorder and am wondering if (or how soon) the current digital camcorders that use digitial video tape will be obsolete.

-- Stephanie Augustyniak (, January 25, 1999


Stephanie, I recently spoke with our Sony distributor about whether they're going to disc for camcorders. He assured me that Sony is committed to tape and that shouldn't change for years.

By the way, Sony does have a new tape format; its called digital 8.


-- Chris Ward (, January 27, 1999.

I did in fact see, or rather read about a camera that records to DVD. It costs $14,000 and you get roughly a half-hour of footage from it. But even if it gets cheaper, it won't really matter. The key word you should be looking at is digital. Anything with that word is more or less compatible; I don't know the rules but I imagine a DV tape could be transferred to DVD rather easily, since it's just ones and zeros in the end.

-- Dan Seitz (, February 03, 1999.

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