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Subj: Investors Concerned About Y2K Date: 1/25/99 11:51:14 AM US Mountain Standard Time From: AOL News BCC: Lulu010101

Investors Concerned About Y2K

CHARLOTTE, NC January 25, 1999---Watch 2K has been taking the pulse on investor sentiment and overall preparedness for the Y2K transition. According to a poll conducted by Piper Jaffray, 40% of respondents are concerned with the impact of the Y2K bug on their investments. However only 12% have made changes or plan to do so. The mission of Watch 2K is to serve as a conduit of information between the nearly 9,000 publicly traded US companies and the concerned investor.

This information is critical for the discerning investor. Subsequently, Y2K Aware has begun interviewing hundreds of companies and conducting background research to determine the overall state of readiness and what contingency plans are in place. This information is available free of charge at

Many companies are in compliance, implementing the necessary modifications and protecting their systems as necessary to prevent the potential shut downs that could cause significant losses in productivity and revenue.

The companies listed below are early respondents to the Watch 2K survey and are to be commended for their proactive stance regarding the Y2K issue.

Bowater Inc (NYSE: BOW), Brooks Automation (Nasdaq: BRKS), Brio Technology (Nasdaq: BRYO), Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (NYSE: FRE), Interpore International (Nasdaq: BONZ) These companies are aggressively dealing with the Y2K issue and either are currently in compliance or will be compliant by the new millenium. However, other companies may not have addressed this issue. Concerned investors can visit to access a database of over 9,000 publicly traded corporations and see where other companies stand in regard to Y2K.

Watch 2K is a public information service and receives no compensation from any company discussed. The conclusions in this press release and on the site are derived from the companies in question and credible sources of information regarding these companies. The information is believed to be accurate as of the date of publication and its employees and directors hold no responsibility for the accuracy of statements and figures displayed.


Watch 2K, Charlotte

Paul Landau, 1/888-220-3843

-- lulu (, January 25, 1999


Cute! Self proclaimed compliance or "near compliance." Got a Buck? This post and a buck STILL won't buy a cup of coffee!

-- Chuck, night driver (, January 26, 1999.

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