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jgustavo - 1943 - 2nd place

i watched this replay, and closely (like all i watch) and i suspect FOUL play...autofires and MAYBE not 100% fps, like way off (im unsure)

3way - fires all 6-8 shots instantly, virtually impossible, this makes gaps in the shots that are noticible, thus is firing really fast.when he goes closer to the top of the screen the shots are so fast, definition AUTOFIRE

auto - doesnt have gaps, this is hard enough to time if you hold it for the 1-2 seconds and then quickly relese then repress, the only way to make this NOT show gaps is to auto fire

shell - haaaaha, its firing SLOWER than the game, its auto anyway and fires off VERY fast, however, if auto is used, it goes slower!

i compared it to my game to see if i was seeing anything (i DONT use autos) and all these things i noticed arent in my game so...

either an auto is being used, or he isnt playing at 100% fps. if not at 100% then the 3way thing can appear, but the rest is a no, so it could be a mix of both

any comments ? or am i just looking too hard ? afterall i know this game inside out :)

by the way, he got an excellent score...which i must say is impressive, like most of his other scores...


-- Krool (, January 25, 1999


The sooner inp's show FPS the better.

The sooner someone on the Mame Team can have a playback show the FPS for a recording instead of the FPS on the machine playing it back the better. This information would need to be embedded directly into the inp file in such a way as to make it near impossible to edit the information without breaking the recording.

Of course this still would not help with the auto-fire problem but as Krool has so rightly stated anyone who knows a game backwards can normally determine if someone is firing at a seemingly humanly impossible rate.

Juan - perhaps you'd care to advise what spec machine you're using, what FPS rate your recordings are done at and whether or not you're using an auto-fire.

Zwaxy - how's about you posting something to the Mame Dev's list-server suggesting that FPS rates are embedded into the inp files during recording and these figures are displayed during playback instead of the FPS actually being achieved on the machine doing the playback ?!


-- BeeJay (, January 25, 1999.

oh, but I already did!

P posted to the mamedev list a couple of weeks ago.

Nicola didn't want to include the change.

I thought it might shut people like, January 25, 1999.

any old idiot can recompile mame ? yeah, we know :) (NT)

no comment

-- Krool. (, January 25, 1999.

I suspect Juan used autofire used for Star Force and Mega Force

Checking out these recordings I think the shots are firing at a humanly impossible rate. Either that or they were done at a very reduced FPS rate.

However, as per Krools comment on the 1943 recording, the fact that once he obtained auto-fire it did not continually fire smoothly - which it does if you hold the fire button down - I suspect it's either solely autofire or a combination of auto-fire and reduced FPS. Everyone I know back in the days when Star Force was big always held the button down once they had obtained auto-fire.

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- BeeJay (, January 26, 1999.

PS: The claimed scores were correct...

He did achieve the claimed scores but I still believe the firing rate is to fast to be humanly possible and the bullet dodging almost too good to believe it was recorded at 100% FPS.


-- BeeJay (, January 26, 1999.

Hmmm, I've been out of the scene a while (playing HalfLife and Baldurs Gate). I come back to find J Gustavo on 40 1st places with only few 2nd and 3rds. Me thinks that someone isn't playing at 100% FPS as some of the scores are amazing.

Of particular interest to me was the Gunsmoke scores as I was a wizard at this game in the arcade. I am astounded by the scores posted - haven't checked out the .inps yet but I'm sure I would be able to tell from the tactics used. Watch this space.

The reason why I can't do gunsmoke on MAME is cos in the arcade you could press multiple fire buttons simutaneously and alter the angle of you shots but it doesn't work on keyboard - shame as its my all time favourite game.

Until the MAME team comes up with FPS rates embedded into the .inps I think we can never be sure of the scores.

If JGustavo did do these scores at 100%FPS and no Autofire then I doff my hat to him, but personally I believe that these weren't achieved at 100%FPS.

Of course if the MAME team do put FPS into .INPS what do we then do with old scores to validate them ??? I would think that I could match if not beat most of my scores again but some of the scores that take hours of playtime may be a right Bast!

-- GOD Inc. (, February 02, 1999.

You can fire split shots in Gunsmoke with Keyboard.

I do it all the time with the keyboard when I'm playing - although I haven't played Gunsmoke in a while so I can't confirm this behaviour is still working.

You do have to make sure your keyboard selection is not causing interference, key ghosting etc. You know, all the problems you can run into when building your own controls using a hacked keyboard matrix.


-- BeeJay (, February 02, 1999.

God, made an interseting comment. I thought it was just me, but Gustavo's stats stuck out like a sour thumb on the leaderboard. If he were to better just 4 games, he would have close to 50 1st place scores no 2nd, and no 3rd with only being on the MARP scene a few months? I've been around mame for about a year now, and I play the hell out of it trying to get mostly 1st place scores, I don't use any kind of enhancement what so ever. Including frame skipping. It just seems like within the past few months, it's been almost impossible to move up the ladder when aventually more then 50% of your uploads are allready knocked down within a week! as well as some of the older 1st place inps I had have been destroyed by a rather large margin and all within the past 2-3 months? The best thing to do when in question about a players inp, is to have marpers watch the inp closly and submit their input which we can all vote on. I was the first to bring up the track n field score of 95K and change and when a few players watched it for their selves, they agreed with me, and then aventually the truth came out a gamepad was used. I just don't understand why that inp is still up there... oh well, just my $.02 on this matter.

-- stephen krogman (, February 02, 1999.

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