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Alright fellow members visitors let's get one thing straight. Tom "Jager" Stockton is one of my best friends, there are many times where I feel he is my "only" best friend. This is not good when you come from a family of four best friends. Tommy Edward is not one to make fun or backstab, but because of the way a certain person who "keeps it real" and his acomplice acted on the weekend of January 16th. I can understand that we were all in a drunken stuper that evening intiated by Brandon Olley getting three thirty packs of Red Dogg for his friends. Now the reason I felt like he was my only best friend was simply the fact that he did not disrespect my household. Don't get me wrong I have frogave Klebba and Lukas for there actions, I am a forgiving person, but Jager along with Smitty, Fortier, Beard, and Casey treated my home well and me well. They did not steal from me, and they did stay with me since the came to see Olley. I am sick of everyone taking sides not knowing how the story went, I will tell it one more time then I want it frogotten for a very long time.

January 16th: Brandon Olley is happy that Smitty, Jager, and Fortier came up to see him the following night. Mr. Olley is even happier to here that Mike Klebba is overcoming his illnesses to see Olley, accompanied by Steve Lukcas and Casey Rotary. Olley collects as much money as possible for alcohal that evening. Keep in mind he has not yet talked with Kleeba or Lukcas yet. Finally right before the beer run is going to be made he gets a call. Klebba and Lukcas also have Kyle Hellybuck and they want me to include them in the beer run. I agree and front $30 total make up for the difference that was not collected. Beer was gotten and friends were together partying. Until I discover Lukcas taking a whole thirty pack while only paying five dollars. Keeping mind he had already had a few at 3226 Michigamme(Olley's House). I rage when a good friend who will remain anynomous tells me they are leaving with thirty beers. I begin to yell at Steve Lukcas who acts calmly like its no problem. I tell him that fifteen beers is the limit he can leave with. Instead I find out that he leaves with twenty which, as Klebba pointed out is 25% more than what I agreed to. Now I was very pissed off at the time, and dissapointed that my friends, one of which I considered my best(Klebba) attempted to steal from me. Then after they did there own thing they returned to 3226 Michigamme, Lukcas with puke on Tom's clothes. Jager was upset because he is sick of loaning out clothes and stupid thing happening to them. I ask Lukcas to leave cause I feel he is going to vomit, and the previous night I clean Fortier's puke and was not about to do it again. He started yelling and wanting to punch Olley in the face after Olley yelled comments about his sexuality to him. Finally he left and everyone was a little upset with Lukcas, and not so much Klebba. However there were mixed feelings about both of them. Everyone went home after football that day.

I feel I needed to speak to defend Jager because I hear Klebba is having a field day ripping on him. Well Klebba I frogave you and Lukcas for what you guys did. Can't you do the same for Jager. We are all like family and it frustrates me when the family has problems. Bottom Line is we all need to frogive, we all make mistakes and the sooner that we all realize this (95% of the time we are drunk when these mistakes are made). I am not using that as an excuse, but understanding needs to be avalible to all problems and the needs of our friends. We have the same personalities we did long ago. Personalities is what make us unique and different. That is why we all get together so well. We need to stop letting petty shit like the weekend of January 16th bother us. If you cannot frogive your friends who can you frogive. This group of friends has had its ups and downs and we still are together. Stop holding grudges on what someone else say someone said about you. Who cares? They were probably joking. Now this needs to stop or the people who cannot move on need to get real and perhaps find some new freinds. The GODFATHER has spoken. Brandon Olley

-- Brandon Olley (, January 25, 1999


When did Olley become a, or the, Godfather?

-- Geo (, January 25, 1999.

well all be damn...who else had a kid? i thought i was the lone godfather of the group

-- jbressman (, January 31, 1999.

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