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someone told me that pin curling is cylinders that you role up your hair in, does anyone know where i get get some,also if anyone knows of any other way i can get her curly hair

please help i am desperate thanks

-- linsey reed beeston (, January 24, 1999


Linsey, as far as I know pin curling is where you take your hair and roll it very close to your scalp, then secure it with a pin and let it dry. If you can ask your grandmother or someone you know in that generation. They will probably be able to explain it better. As far as the cylinders you mentioned I have no idea. Maybe there are two ways of pin curling your hair. Hope that helps some.


-- Miranda Swearingen (, January 24, 1999.

linsey, you are certainly persistent!! you may be able to find the pins in a drug store, or somewhere where hair junk is sold. if you can't find them, just get some bobby pins. good luck.

-- cgk (, January 24, 1999.

I've done a web search, and found a site with some instructions on how to get Kate Winslet's various hair styles.

Linsey: hopefully, this helps answer your question.

-- Thomas M. Terashima (, January 25, 1999.

pin curling cylinders is where the hair is rolled up like a cylinde the pin curled and secured. this answer is from a professional hairdresser so take care guys!!

-- kate (, February 27, 2003.

Pin curling is when you wrap the hair around the finger tightly then pin down with a bobby pin. Works best if someone else does it to you so it can be properly sectioned, so you get even curls and make sure you wrap the hair flat around the finger.

-- Amalthea Avalon (, August 19, 2004.

Additionally, you can use, though less successfully, old thread cylinders. The best way is to use a rod to curl the hair to maintain uniform size for each one.

-- Jeremy Dolby (, October 06, 2004.

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