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I traced Seaboard's Atlanta-Birmingham line back in 1990 and found depots still standing only in Rockmart GA and Ragland AL. Did I miss any that are still existing. Much has been discussed regarding this sector of the SAL recently; maybe someone can elaborate on this. SAL once had two branchlines into Pell City and Jacksonville, AL off this mainline which were abandoned sometime in the late '40's to early '50's. Any info on existing depots in this territory would be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Bob Venditti (, January 24, 1999


In the early 1990's, on a back road near Wellington, I saw a small wood depot that had been moved from trackside and was in use as a shop of some sort. I intended to return and try to determine if it was L&N or SAL, but never made it back. Will try to see if I made any location notes- may even have a slide. David

-- David Harris (, August 31, 2001.

Bob, I'm not aware of any other depots still standing on this line. I know there are none on either of the former branches you mentioned. Interestingly, there weren't all that many depots in use before the road was abandoned.

Marv Clemons, Birmimgham, AL

-- Marvin Clemons (, February 26, 1999.

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