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Masood's Gallery...Please review...all comments welcome!

-- Masood Malikyar (, January 23, 1999


I got a javascript error a couple times. I have a hard time reading white letters on dark backgrounds (guess 37 is too old?) Some of the pictures have broken thumbnail images, and broken links.

The pictures look nice, and the idea of the frames (although I personally don't like frames) works well here. Having a list of categories on the left, and when you click on a category a row of thumbnails on the top, chose one and the image is displayed in the large window. I like the idea.

I noticed some time ago though, on my site, that more than 60% of the people visiting had 800x600 or less resolution. You can see the numbers at this URL for I've been getting about 2000 hits a day. The problem with a frame on the left, if one has a 640x480 screen is that it takes up so much of the page. I don't know what the answer is. Also, webtv views are 640x480 so far.

Hope this helps, Andy

-- Andy Hughes (, January 28, 1999.

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