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A powdered milk thread! 5. Pulled a fast one with powdered milk

One of the writer's in this thread recommends "Mid-America Farms" brand, 41# - I'm going to seek it out for the Red Barn's program.

-- Cynthia Beal (, January 23, 1999


Make sugarless breat w/ diastic malt. This is a European bread baking secret. Using organic hard wheat, sprout it.....sprout being the length of the grain, dry it, grind it, in a blender. Add 1 t. per 4 loaves of bread. I use 1/2 a bread baker for a 1 1/2 # loaf. Bread will not be as brown, but saving sugar and honey for other needs will save a lot in the long haul, when conservation is vital. Becky <:)))><

-- Becky Hasselbring (, January 27, 1999.

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