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There are photographs of ACL P-5a/b 4-6-2s with name boards mounted just below the walkways on the side of the locomotive in the vicinity of the air tank that displayed the name of the passenger train to which the particular engine was assigned. Locomotives assigned to the Palmetto Limited and the Florida Arrow are known to have carried these signs. My questions: Does anyone know the name of any other pass. trains whose locomotives carried these train nameboards? What were the colors of the lettering and background? Did the colors of the lettering/background vary between the different trains or was a universal color scheme applied?

I seem to recall the SAL also mounted passenger train nameboards on their steamengines as well (the OBS comes to mind). Therefore, I'd like to ask the same questions regarding the SAL practices. Thanks. Buddy (no e-mails please).

-- Buddy Hill (, January 22, 1999


Good questions!! I've seen Dixieland, possibly another one or two ACL names besides those named. I believe all the ones I've seen were in the same Railroad Roman lettering, although the Fla. Arrow had an arrow design running through it. Presumably since some name trains had these, all did. Anybody who has a color slide of one of these definitely wins a prize.

-- Larry Goolsby (, January 22, 1999.

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