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I ordered some samples of canned meat and poultry from an Ohio company, It was very good. My question is will it last the 2 to 3 years they stated? They said the Amish use it alot. I've never seen it in the grocery and we can't afford fancy dried foods. Please respond so I know whether to order. Thank you, Janette The company is CK Farms

-- Janette Baylol (, January 21, 1999


Dear Janette -- In response to your question about the canned meat and poultry products for storage, I would say that generally these products are not really designed to be held in storage for long periods of time. Personally, even though they may have been correctly processed, I do not feel confident about meat products in long term storage. For one thing, meats are more vulnerable to destructive enzymes, toxic bacteria and variations in temperature than other foods. I'm always nagged by the question about whether these products have been kept at a constant temperature during the storage period. Meats which are dried and salted, like jerky, are much more stable for long term storage, because they are low moisture, without so much possibility of bacterial or other contamination and spoilage. And frankly, it's just so much easier,cleaner and overall healthier to depend upon combining dried foods like beans and grains as primary protein sources, rather than meats. It's not necessary to buy "fancy, dried foods". You can acquire bulk beans and grains very cheaply through coop warehouses. Much cheaper, in fact, than trying to rely on canned meats and chance losing them because of not being able to keep them at a stable temperature over a long period. Basic commodities are a much safer bet for an emergency food program. If you need recipes, preparation information or would like other tips for storing or preparing these foods,or just plain "coping", please feel free to subscribe to "Y2K Fast Food Facts", a free, Biweekly email letter with a spectrum of simple, sane, proactive and reactive solutions for y2k food preparedness, nourishing yourself and others, by sending an email to , putting "Y2KFFF sub" in the subject header. And look for my new upgraded website (we are waiting for the domain transfer) at, including the new "Y2K and Your Food Section: What are YOU Going to be Eating in the Year 2000?" Hope this was helpful!

Nancy Lee Food Circle Associates

-- Nancy Lee (, January 28, 1999.

I would not put too much confidence in canned meat. Maybe you should get a hold of the magazine I have called "Y2K Preparedness Guide". Although this guide says nothing about canned meat, it does, however, provide other alternatives. I'm sure you'll find it handy. They ask $10 for it and their address is : Direct Response P.O. Box 250 Delano, CA 93216. It has a bunch of good info and references, contacts, etc.

-- Dave (, January 28, 1999.

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